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Virtual Audits To Keep Your Team Safe And Secure!


by Sinclair Research

Sinclair Research’s virtual audit solution provides our customers with a fully customizable alternative to conducting in-person facility qualifications, audits and tours!

Sinclair Research, a leading provider of nonclinical contract research services, today announced its new virtual audit capabilities, allowing clients worldwide to conduct comprehensive vendor qualifications, facility audits and tours remotely.

 “The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of agility and flexibility when conducting nonclinical research and inspired us to rethink how we work and make it easier on our customers,” says Sinclair Research’s Vice President of Commercial Operations Andy Brown. “The impact of travel restrictions and public health mandates prompted us to implement a reliable alternative to conducting in-person facility qualifications, audits and tours.”

 Sinclair Research’s virtual audits offer clients and consultants an innovative, customizable experience to meet the individual needs of their research program. Sinclair’s secure virtual platform is designed to quickly and effectively share information clients need to conduct a comprehensive virtual audit or facility tour.

 “We have received positive feedback on our new virtual audit capabilities from several clients,” says Tom O’Toole, Sinclair’s Senior Director of Compliance. “From the initial planning meeting to the completion of document review and live-streamed facility tour, each client can customize their virtual audit for a thorough experience that meets the expectations of what they would be able to accomplish if they were physically on site.”

 Sinclair Research’s fully customizable virtual audit solutions include:

  • Qualification Audits: Sinclair Research’s virtual qualification audit includes pre-audit meetings, detailed scope, fully defined agenda, full access to requested documents, and interviews.
  • Live Video Facility Tours: Sinclair’s virtual audits include an optional facility tour, offering customers the opportunity to observe areas of interest in real-time. Each virtual tour is tailored to meet customer-specific needs and focused on exactly what areas and features of the facility customers want to see.
  • Study-related Monitoring: Sinclair offers a flexible virtual experience for study-related monitoring. The team coordinates directly with customers to ensure an experience that meets client study requirements, all on a secure virtual platform designed to safeguard data.
  • Budget Savings: Virtual facility qualification offers greater flexibility, eliminates associated travel costs, and mitigates the potential health impacts to your team and our staff.

Follow the link below and see for yourself how Sinclair Research can provide you with the studies you need, the data you expect and the customer experience you deserve!