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Sheriff’s Office Receives Donation from Sinclair Research


by Sinclair Research

“We want to help the local communities — that’s our goal,” said Dr. Guy Bouchard, owner of the bio-tech research firm located northwest of Hatton. “We wanted to direct this money to specifically benefit the maximum level.”

On Friday, Bouchard and other Sinclair officials including Derek Brocksmith, facility security coordinator and general manager, and Jeff White, vice president of finance, visited Sheriff Clay Chism’s office.

Sinclair is based in Callaway County and does business nationally and internationally. The current facility was built over a four-year period and opened in 2004, employing about 200 people with a variety of educational levels and talents. In the course of locating to Callaway County, Sinclair also helped the county develop roads.

Chism said the donation is much appreciated.

“Sinclair Research contacted us in late December inquiring as to any equipment we needed on an imminent basis,” Chism said.

With the donation, the department will buy auto-lock patrol rifle mounts for patrol vehicles. Currently, rifles in patrol vehicles have to be stored in trunks or secure cargo areas.

“Deputies will be able to safely and securely carry patrol rifles in the interior of their vehicles,” Chism added. “You can imagine how precious time is when pulling up on a situation.”

Deputies also will have less exposure retrieving their rifles in dangerous circumstances.

The gift also will enable the sheriff’s office to upgrade sidearms.

“We can upgrade to current technology and accessories,” Chism added. “These upgrades have been an obvious need.”

Chism also said the department expects 17 vehicles to be equipped with the rifle locks and about 20 sidearms supplied.

Bouchard, from the Montreal, Quebec, area, said he has a soft spot for law enforcement officers.

“My dad was a policeman,” he said. “I want the police force to know we do care about what they do.”

Callaway County’s three commissioners — Gary Jungermann, Randy Kleindienst and Roger Fisher — also joined the gathering.

“I think we’ve had a great relationship between the county and Sinclair Research,” Jungermann said. “They’re good partners … and wonderful to work with.”

The company is also involved in making donations to Callaway County schools.

“We want to promote education — that’s what we do,” Bouchard said.


Jenny Gray/FULTON SUNAn unexpected $15,000 check was handed to Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism on Friday by Sinclair Research officials. From left are Derek Brocksmith, facility security coordinator and general manager; Chism; company owner Dr. Guy Bouchard; and Jeff White, vice president of finance. Sinclair Research, located northwest of Hatton, employs about 200 people and offers specialty biomedical research services for both humans and animals.